Last weekend we took our final school sponsored trip to Xi’an. We took a plane which was very convenient and fast. Upon our arrival we went to a few museums and got to see some of the Terra Cotta Warriors up close and personally. The next day we went to see the Terra Cotta warriors. It was very cool how old they were and just the vast number of the soldiers. I have to say for the buildup and all the things I have heard about them, I was a bit disappointed with it. I may have had my expectations a bit high, but I thought that it all looked staged versus how something that old should look. That night we got to try Szechuan food which was incredible. Very spicy which was great. The next morning we went to the city wall, which was just like every other wall we have seen thus far. After the wall it was back to Shijiazhuang by plane, which all went smoothly. All in all I will have to say that it was a good weekend, but I would not go to Xi’an again.