This past weekend we went to Beijing and I had a blast! First we went to Tian’namen Square and the Forbidden city. It was very cool to see a place where so much history has taken place. It was truly awe-inspiring. One of my favorite parts of Tian’namen square were the big statues of the Lions. The lions represent strength and are supposed to ward off evil spirits. They are incredibly popular in Beijing. The next day we went to the Great Wall which was just indescribable. Thinking that the structure you are standing on is thousands of years old and thinking about how many people from all different times had been on it just took my breath away. It was hard to process that I was actually on the Great Wall in china. Ive heard so much about it throughour my life and to think I was actually there, it was crazy. We then visited Summer Palace which to be honest was dissapointing, but its ok. We then went to the Olympic Square which was very cool. I loved the Birds Nest which was very cool to see. The last day we went to the Temple of Heaven which was pretty cool. The symbolism behind the architecture really surprised me. Overall i had a blast in Beijing and I can’t wait to return!